Production of precision metallic small parts happens through cold pressing from tape and thread, using iron, brass, stainless steel and aluminum.
On request, we can provide also technical drawings with dimensions of our items.

  • Self-piercing rivets
  • Self-piercing studs
  • Double rivets
  • Half-pierced rivets
  • Special eyelets
  • Flat and shaped washers
  • Threaded small parts
  • Welded and folded rings
  • Buckles
  • Pressure buttons for special application
  • Hooks for blocking or sliding
  • Other products for the assembly (and not only) of accessories and parts in plastic, metal, synthetic fabric, leather, etc… used in the technical-sport industry and in other fields

We supply moulds and equipment for specific articles of our exclusive planning or designed by the customer, as well as assembling machines and special spare parts for particular workings.

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